The skinny, well sticky, on blackheads…

If you are on social media you surely have seen several new wild tools or masks to pull out those pesky blackheads and clear pores.  If you wear makeup, you know the struggle.  Those icky little holes just full of yucky dirt, oil, makeup and typical grossness are a thorn in our sides, or actually our noses!  So it’s completely natural to be drawn to the magical devices and products promising to pull them right out!  It’s like a train wreck, you don’t want to see it, but you can’t look away!  You need to know if your eyes deceive you and you want to get the skinny on the situation.  And like so many of us, you may be quick to pull out that credit card and grab yourself the newest trend in hopes it works like they say.  While some products are fabulous and worth the money, not all are.  And unfortunately in this day and age, it’s easy to buy counterfeit products that may end up doing more harm than good.  Some even won’t have any ingredients listed upon arrival.  Little word of advice, if you don’t know what’s in it, maybe don’t put it somewhere like your most exposed area of skin and that which makes you familiar to others.  There is also the horror stories of paying for something on a site that shows up on your FB news feed only later to realize your card was overcharged and you never get anything!

I tend to lean more toward wrinkle eradication for my skincare needs.  But since we have a product that claims to pull out blackheads, I felt like I needed to take it for a test drive and see if it was worth recommending since you can get it from a reputable company and even connect with a real representative about it before making a purchase.  The Clearskin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip arrived in my last order for this research.


I knew from the reading I did this was not a black mask for the full face, but a sticky looking substance you rub mostly on the T zone and chin.  The consistency was much like glue and definitely sticky.


The instructions indicated to rub some down either side of your nose onto your cheek to create a tab to pull when it was completely dry.  I will say an even application of the sticky goo is important for the drying!  I rubbed it on and then got on FB to pass the time, a little over 20 minutes as I got trapped in the FB rabbit hole!  I also got interrogated by a five year old and a ten year old as to what in the world was shining on my face.  I tried to explain, but the dead stares of the little berries lead me to believe they either didn’t get it, or didn’t really care.


When I realized the 20 minutes was up, I headed back to the bathroom and lifted the tab on one side of my nose and slowly pulled the strip off.  It wasn’t painful, but obviously was clinging to the skin.  I didn’t have any tears or flinching, but I wouldn’t recommended ripping it off like a band-aide.  When I looked I closely at the strip I was excited, and a little grossed out, to see little sticky-icky blackheads standing up at me!  Eureka!  IT WORKED!

So, for the $9, minus my discount, plus about 25 minutes of my life, I cleaned out the icky little holes just full of yucky dirt, oil, makeup and typical grossness!  When you’re a grown woman, it’s the little things that excite you!  Now, I don’t have much of an acne issue and love the Anew line, but if you want to check this product out or any of the Clearskin line if acne or extreme oil is a personal woe, click here to browse!  Don’t forget, online shoppers can use the one-time code WELCOME10 for a 10% discount!  For an even better discount, click here to pay the one-time membership fee of only $25 and enjoy even more savings!

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