Is Matte Where It’s At?

I am a southern girl, Georgia Girl to be precise.  I was taught at a young age that you don’t do up your eyes and your lips at the same time unless you want to be mistaken for a “Lady of the Night…”  True story, I can’t make this stuff up!  As a blonde, I have always opted for the eye because I have short, light lashes and almost no eyebrows to speak of.  If I don’t wear mascara and color my brows a bit, I look dead!  Normally I wear just a lip balm, sometimes a little gloss, and occasionally I would apply just a tad of mauve lip stick for a hint of color, but only for business events or special occasions.

Lately, however, I couldn’t help but notice the bold lip has been everywhere.  I open a magazine, bold lip.  I log into Facebook, bold lip.  I go to a business meeting, bold lip.  Recently my company even challenged us to post a pic with a bold red lip!  Oh my!  I didn’t have any red lipstick to do the challenge which is not acceptable since I should really have a wide variety to try (luckily, we don’t have to keep inventory or make any purchases if we don’t want to).  I have dozens of eye-shadow pallets, nearly every eye liner we sell, and actively go between three different mascaras each week depending on my mood, my favorite is this one, but only three full size lip colors, all of which are extremely subtle and safe colors…

To make matters more complicated, I have never done a matte look.  Every lip color I own has a bit of shimmer or a little shine.  But, I’ve been told matte is where it’s at.  I have had several friends with repeat orders for our matte lips and swear by them.  But it’s so different, it’s flat, it’s bold!  Even on the safest of colors, the pigment is so rich they all just pop.  I knew I had to try, but I was so overwhelmed I took it to Facebook for help from those who know me and surely wouldn’t let me look like a fool!  I asked for advice and was going to go with two colors to start.  I had such an overwhelming response, I got four (our prices are awesome and I get a discount, no judging)!  Here are three of them in order:  Wild Cherry, Adoring Love, and Marvelous Mocha.

Could it be true?  Could this be where it’s at?  It’s bold, it’s flat, but yes, I think matte is where it’s at!  I was very surprised to find that everyone’s favorite on me was the boldest of them all with the Wild Cherry!  It is the most rich, bold color that has ever hit these lips!  I, of course, love the Marvelous Mocha but it’s far from a safe color!  And the best part, my lips are not dry like I expected (the richer the pigment the dryer the lip is common knowledge).  Also, I noticed that my water cup didn’t have any lip marks, I gave my daughter cheek kisses and no evidence was left on her cute face, and I even had a hint on still the next morning!  At the current sale price which you can check out here, I may just invest in a few more colors!  So, to those who were scared of the bold and the matte like I was, take the plunge and try one!  I feel like a new woman and I want every woman in America to feel this way every single day!

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