Fun in the sun, right?

One of the many blessings I enjoy now that I couldn’t before in the corporate world was showing up for school functions, almost all of them!  Before, I was working 40 hours in an office if not more, then would have to jump back online once I got home.  I tried to attend school graduations and of course made it to parent teacher conferences, but not without having to figure out when I was catching up on that work!  Now, I can schedule the fun stuff, then schedule my work around it!

Today I enjoyed attending Field Day with my kindergartner.  She of course was very excited to have me there to watch her and her friends work through challenges and have some fun!  Of course, it’s outside activities and even though we had a cold snap recently, today was blistering hot!  I normally use the Expedition Aerosol for sunscreen and bug repellent, but I had some of the Gentle Breeze IR3535 Lotion with SPF 30  and the packaging is more discreet so I decided to try it out on her instead of spraying the aerosol into my hand to then rub on her face.  She would get sweaty playing that hard and while they both work well after water play and sweat, I was afraid the aerosol may run into to her little eyes.  I am very happy to report that she was out there for a little over two hours in full sun and not even a hint of pink!  And she never once complained about anything in her eyes!  I am not sure why I didn’t use this on the kids sooner!  It was very easy to apply and is just as strong as the Expedition.

Fun fact time-A study done last year proved that many sunblocks performed well below the advertised SPF, some as little as SPF 8 when labeled as SPF 50!  What??  Yeah, I read that a few times to be sure.  Here is the article from WebMD for reference.  But, Avon was one of the brands listed that held up to the promises.  Also, we are one of the only brands that has SPF and repellent together.  Check out our name drop on the CDC site for our Skin So Soft Expedition and Picardin here!  That combo of SPF and repellent not only saves you money, it saves you time and precious bag and counter space as well!  Now off I go to catch up on laundry, housework, and business!  Here’s to a long, burn and bite free summer!

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