Welcome to BBM!

Welcome to my world of a being a Beauty Boss Momma! I spent 10 years at one job in the corporate world and was quite successful there. But, I felt that I was missing so much of my kids growing up. I had started my business to earn some extra to help with some piling bills. I continued it for a while because I enjoyed my customers, making new friends, the extra funds, and I LOVE the products!

When the market was changing, our company merged, things seemed very unstable, not to mention I was burnt out and miserable, I decided it may be a good idea to ensure I had a strong Plan B. With the help of my mentors and some elbow grease, I built my business up enough to fire my boss! I left my job at the beginning of the school year on the heels of our national conference where I was recognized! Being a stay-at-home-mom is much different than I expected, but in so many wonderful ways! I am excited for the upcoming summer break and am working on altering my schedule to suit our needs. How amazing is it to be able to set your work schedule around your family schedule?? It’s better than sliced banana bread!